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"Contaminated Forever" - the documentary -- 
... exposing the ongoing impact of the use of so-called "depleted uranium" munitions

   Filmmaker Wes Rehberg and artist and social policy analyst Eileen Rehberg have produced and filmed "Contaminated Forever," a 1-hour and 45-minute documentary to help in the effort to expose the terrible consequences of the use of so-called depleted uranium weapons (DU) for test purposes and in the battlefield. 

   These weapons were used in Iraq, the Balkans, on testing grounds throughout the United States, and possibly in Afghanistan, Panama and Lebanon, with their poison dust afflicting soldiers and civilians. Their nanoparticle fallout, in the earth, has a half-life of 4.5 billion years, ready to be inhaled or ingested, where, inside the body, they pass through cell walls to begin their radioactive and toxic damage. 

   For a low-bandwidth version of the introductory scenes, click here . To view draft scenes from "Contaminated Forever" while it was in production, visit this web page, where you may explore background information on depleted uranium munitions as well. To view introductory scenes in high-bandwidth click here.

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Multimedia resources and reflections on uranium weapons
used by the U.S. in the Balkans and Iraq and tested in the USA

NEW: Video interviews with four Vieques activists on U.S. Navy contamination as a result of decades of military bombing practice on the Puerto Rican island. Link to the videos is here ...

** Dr. Doug Rokke's address at the Abolish DU Conference at East Tennessee State University, sponsored by Christian Peacemaker Teams and First Tennessee Progressives -- mp4 downloadable video file, very large (267mb) 57 minutes -- it's also available on Google video at at this location.

* * Two 15-minute video clips of my interviews with Rokke, with background and documentation of his service as a DU munitions expert in Iraq and elsewhere (roughly compiled mp4 video files for research use only) ...
-- Wes Rehberg
1) comments on service - 2) background and documents

-- To view a Flash video on Rokke's documentation, click here

Doug Rokke at CCP/FTP conference in Tennessee

Video segments of
our interviews with
Doug Rokke and his
witness on DU contamination,  its dangers, and coverup ...

CPT/FTP May 2007 Stop-DU delegation in Jonesborough, Tennessee

Video 1-minute rough-edited clip of balloon release indicating wind direction from Aerojet Ordnance, a depleted uranium munitions plant - mp4 file

4-minute rough-edited clip of second visit to Aerojet Ordnance entryway to speak with management -- mp4 file

33-minute lightly compiled clip of CPT/Sierra Club Radiaton Committee press conference at Aerojet Ordnance location - mp4 file

These are roughly compiled video clips -- Wes Rehberg @2007 Wild Clearing all rights reserved
Reflections from the Christian Peacemaker Teams delegation to Jonesborough, Tennessee, as part of its campaign to halt depleted uranium munitions (DU) use and production.

While in Jonesborough, TN, members of the Christian Peacemaker Teams delegation to halt production of uranium weapons offered reflections during the 10-day period -- between May 18 and 27, 2007 -- on what they encountered. The focus of the campaign was U238 uranium weapons cores produced at Aerojet Ordnance.


CPT DU Reflections: A Day of Contrasts (May 19, 2005)

By Jane MacKay Wright

   On day one of the Christian Peacemaker Teams delegation, we attend a conference on depleted uranium in Johnson City, Tennessee .
   Spring green colors the eastern corner of Tennessee, while inside we watch photos of Afghan orphans and deformed babies. Leaves ripple in a warm breeze, while inside we learn of toxic dust blowing across the state.
   Weaponized uranium is of no harm to anyone says the Department of Defense, but Gulf War veterans sicken and die. The military orders preventive training and toxic cleanup, then denies it is necessary. Patriotic Americans in Jonesborough, TN manufacture uranium core for their army, and are exposed to radiation. Farmers' fields become contaminated battlefields.
   We think of Iraq. We see Tennessee. The sun shines as we walk in the warm
light.  A bird sings to us.


By Kirsten Romaine


 Today our group stationed itself across the road from depleted uranium producer, AeroJet Ordnance, to protest its innocuous looking factory of death.
 Determined to "turn swords into plowshares," we sported a banner and held placards decrying the plant's odious product and urging it to stop its production. Several cars honked their support of our action, while others sped by. One neighbor came over to cheer on our efforts. A toxicologist stood with us to answer our questions about DU and its lethal effects on tens of thousands of people and its damage to the environment.
 Our purpose remains to affirm life and to stop the devastation Aerojet's business wreaks locally and abroad. We'll continue to keep working for Aerojet's change of heart.


By Wes Rehberg

 With the case so clear and evident that weaponized uranium kills, deforms and sickens so profoundly, how can we who feel this way create a deeper public awareness of the dangers? This is a question that continues to run through my mind as I reflect on our delegations encounters with former workers, activists in northeast Tennessee, veterans and scholars during our time in Jonesborough.
 We've stood together before a producer of these weapons, Aerojet Ordnance, before its fabricating plant, ordinary looking along a rural road. Yet what leaves the plant eventually poisons the planet as its everlastingly killing product spreads among us and other forms of life on earth.
 The word needs to be spread and the production stopped, no doubt. What is called "DU" is really a nuclear weapon that keeps on killing after its initial destructive foray. Absolutely terrible and terrifying.


 The photo and flash video below tell the story -- balloons were sent aloft for two days so that those who find them could let local activists know to where they traveled, and offering the thought that they were sent from Aerojet Ordnance's location, that the winds that carried them also carry the emanations from this weaponized uranium producer.
The photo is by Murray Lumley of CPT-Canada.




By Ron Forthofer

   Our CPT delegation on DU planned two major events on successive days this week. The first event was a release of 200 balloons across from the Aerojet Ordnance plant in Jonesborough in an attempt to get some idea of how far and where possible air contamination from Aerojet travels.   
   The second event was a press conference involving local and CPT participants and, hopefully, a representative from Aerojet. The press conference was to be followed by a release of another 200+ balloons. These were daunting tasks for us to pull off in a short period of time, but the delegation rose to the occasion and pulled off both events. 
   The preparation for the balloon release required stuffing a note into the balloons. The note asked the balloon recipients to inform a local contact of the recipients' locations and also asked the recipients to contact Aerojet.  As the first balloons soared to the skies, our spirits rose with the balloons.  
   On the following day, Linda Modica, representing the Sierra Club, and Cliff Kindy of CPT met with the press, but Aerojet continued to refuse to meet with us. Both Linda and Cliff provided great responses to questions from a reporter from the Johnson City Press as well as reporters from the delegation.  We used an empty chair with a nuclear warning sign to show the lack of an Aerojet representative.  
   We were all elated as well as tired after two great days of events.  I am really impressed with what we accomplished in a short period of time.  
   Adding to the events was a brief article about the balloon release and then a longer article that appeared today in the Press.  The article included a great picture showing the empty chair and the nuclear warning symbol.  I think these articles will help alert the community to the potential risks associated with the processing of nuclear wastes into weapons.

Photo by Murray Lumley -- Jane Wright, Cliff Kindy and
Linda Modica at press conference ...


I'm convinced DU use is treacherous

 Researching the sites listed in our companion DU blog, it became apparent that those engaged in warfare are using depleted uranium munitions without regard for the everlasting toxicological and radiological impact on the planet and its life.
    For humans, the impact is killing and crippling - read the posts there to understand why. The arguments for the "precautionary principle" advanced by scientists and physicians is compelling -- those who would employ and deploy depleted uranium should take every means to assure that its use is safe; victims and the general public shouldn't have to bear that burden.
   Unfortunately, even WHO and the IAEA have argued that its use in munitions doesn't present the hazards that are asserted in the posts there. To me, this is mindful disregard, a displacement that is deadly and treacherous. War is equally evil, but its impacts up to now haven't so deeply threatened life on the planet.
   The CPT delegation to Jonesborough, TN, was part of a decades-old international effort to bring this disregard and treachery into public conversation, so that we can, since we have to, be those who espouse the "precautionary principle" regarding DU use. Life depends on it. Read the posts included in the DU blog. I hope you'll join this campaign. -- Wes Rehberg
      photo by Eileen Rehberg © 2007


** Available here is a talk by Maj. Douglas Rokke, DU weapons researcher and opponent, who also addressed the May 19, 2007 East Tennessee State DU Conference. The talk was given in May 2003 in Albany, NY, sponsored by the Physicians for Social Responsibility. You may download an mp3 audo file here of his talk. A link to a video of his Tennessee talk is below.

** Another conferee is Dr. Mohammed Daud Miraki (author of Afghanistan After Democracy). To hear an address he gave to the World Uranium Conference 2003 in Hamburg, Germany, click or download here. This talk is also available at the Traprock Peace Center comprehensive web site.


Below are web sites dedicated to providing resources, research and forums for understanding dangers of depleted uranium munitions: on DUs

Pages and pages of links, forums and downloadable files covering, along with DU's, nonviolence, community, antiwar efforts as well as efforts in the area of justice and the enviroment.

IDust: An archival reference resource
Mission: To disseminate information and coordinate advocacy efforts worldwide;
To bring about a total ban on weapons that contain depleted uranium.
Norbert's Bookmarks for a Better World
This is web site with 30,000 links including a number on military armaments and depleted uranium munitions.

World Uranium Weapons Conference
This 2003 conference in Hamburg, Germany, provided an international forum on DUs -- "the trojan horse of a nuclear war" 
Another web site to view offers an online video of: "Iraq: The Hidden War" -- visit The Information Clearing House for this and other videos.

** "Depleted Uranium Weapons - Lessons from the 1991 Gulf War" by Dan Fahey -- International Network of Engineers and Scientists Against Proliferation - PDF file

** "Health Risks of Depleted Uranium - An Independent Review of Scientific Literature" by Mike Pritchard, University of Toronto - PDF file


"Discounted Casualties - the Human Cost of Depleted Uranium" is a comprehensive and exhaustive journalism work by Akira Tashiro in the Hiroshima Newspaper Chugoku Shimbun, published in 2000 yet timely -- a reproduction of the initial page of the online series is below -- You can visit the web site for the series by clicking here.

Discounted Casualties online image



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