Opening the Gate

Short Stories and Poetry              
by Wes Rehberg              facebooktwitterblogspot

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Opening the Gate is a collection of short stories and poems by author Wes Rehberg, some which include fictionalized biographical elements and as well draw from his experience as a print journalist and social justice activist. Titles of the short stories are "The Enduring," "The Fog," "Scooter," and "Jail Birds." Two of the poems have appeared in the literary journal, The Rusty Nail. "Alien Bones" and "Tick Tock."

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Synopses of the five short stories in “Opening the Gate”

“The Enduring”: Troubles and violence in a rural setting when an ex-con encounters a troubled teen..

“The Fog”: A 17-year-old New York City street kid reflects on encounters he had when he was 14, living in a three-room flat with grandparents, his mother and brother, his failure in school, his independence, and a new beginning.

“Scooter”: A scooter-driving drug user moves in with a dying elderly woman alcoholic after a meth house fire, much to the consternation of suburban neighbors.

“Jail Birds”: Offered in the first-person, a narrative told by a clergyman who reluctantly counseled murderers in a county jail and maximum security setting and had trouble in a divided church after a visit to Palestine.

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-- Wes Rehberg

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