Native American flute by Leonard McGann of Virginia Indian nation -- video clip 1 minute 24 seconds

   We're considering our time on this planet now -- a fragile era between Ice Ages -- as a thematic approach to what we're about in our media work -- film, fine arts, photos, mixed media ... but even this time, eons to us, is hardly a blink in a galactic or cosmic sense ... it nevertheless seems more accessible.
   An area Wild Clearing is dedicated to this at the moment ... Film tone poems. For one, visit our 2-minute film of hummingbirds, a fragile life on a fragile planet. CLICK HERE.

   Works here include:

    THE EXPOSED: POISONED NUCLEAR WORKERS -- in production, our final media-activist documentary feature

    TONE POEMS AND FOUND OBJECTS -- an area we're yet developing, many of these sketches placed in the midst of the forest at this point, but not all.

   We've also included video testimony from members of Iraq Veterans Against the War in this area of our web site: Visit their witness here ...

   Even in thinking in terms specifically of Between the Ice Ages, it's clear that much of the work we've been up to has been developed with the sense of the same fragility, spurring some eco-activism, human-rights activism, social-justice activism ...

The work is produced by Eileen and Wes Rehberg;
Wes is doing the filming at the moment ... Eileen the art work ...
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"Contaminated Forever: The Deadly Aftermath of Depleted Uranium Munitions"
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