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"My Life Is Ruined" - A Nuclear Enrichment Story 

"My Life is Ruined" - A Nuclear Enrichment Story:

Janet Michel, former U.S. Department of Energy worker stationed in the Oak Ridge, TN, nuclear complex, is disabled and poisoned by heavy metal contamination from her work site.

She has become an organizer and highly vocal advocate for help for the thousands of others similarly afflicted who seek medical help and compensation through a federal Department of Labor program that advocates say is extremely difficult for sick ex-nuclear workers to negotiate. The program is called the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program (EEOICP).
This video is a 31-minute interview in which Janet , once a white-water kayak instructor, passionately details her struggle and the obstacles she and others face. It is a long video by internet standards but her story needs to be aired as she relates it. The video above is a large file and will load slowly - a lower connection speed version is below.
Filmed by Wes Rehberg, Wild Clearing 2009
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"Contaminated Forever: The Deadly Aftermath of Depleted Uranium Munitions"
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"My Life is Ruined" - A Nuclear Enrichment Story from Wes Rehberg on Vimeo.