Between the Ice Ages:
... a movable feast @ Matt & Grace's

Open house Halloween 2008

Grace Frank and Doctor Matt Hine buy substandard homes in "challenged" areas of Chattanooga, TN, restore and rebuild them to improve housing in such city areas, and then turn them over. This 8-minute video is about a Halloween night open house at one of the homes, a former boarding house that was used for shady enterprises and was condemned by the city. The open house was also a benefit for Habitat for Humanity. Grace and Matt restored this one for their own home and have since moved in -- Wes Rehberg, Wild Clearing

If the video above loads slowly because you're on dialup, the Vimeo version below is accessible as well.

a movable feast @ Matt & Grace's - rebuilding "challenged" city homes
from Wes Rehberg on Vimeo.

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