The Exposed: Interview with Mike Driver, sick nuclear worker

THE EXPOSED: Interview with Mike Driver, sick nuclear worker from Wes Rehberg on Vimeo

   We're now developing a documentary on nuclear workers who have become poisoned by heavy metals, radiation and other contaminants and who are also struggling for adequate medical help and compensation for their illnesses for those who are yet alive but sick, and for acknowledgement that those who have died did so as a result of limited or no recognition that their illnesses were caused by exposure to contaminants, flawed human safety procedures and limited care.

    The video clip above continues our series of preliminary film interviews with sick nuclear plant workers, here with Mike Driver, who worked at the Paducah, KY, gaseous diffusion nuclear fuel enrichment plant. The preliminary clips are from filming for our documentary in process, "The Exposed," produced by Wes & Eileen Rehberg of Wild Clearing.

   More details and interview clips will follow.
   Some of the things we understand right now to be pertinent are these:

    * People in power who produce within the nuclear fuel chain count costs more than people and thus people become contaminated in deadly ways -- then the contaminated people are finessed or lied to, and suffer in sickness and death as do those they are intimately associated with.
    * People who should be holding the producers accountable in the public interest don't, or won't, or don't know how to, or try but run into obstacles and are discredited or don't have the resources to carry on in their struggle.
    * People who are sick, dying, and their survivors, have extreme difficulty in finding out how they got that way, then when they do, in finding remedies that will help them, in whatever arena and labyrinth.
    * People who struggle against this betrayal each and all have a story that ought to be heard and taken to heart.
The film and posted video clips aim to be a way their stories can be heeded.
    * In particular, one of the supposed remedies, the EEOICPA (Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act), is flawed, and for many represents just another betrayal.

   Wild Clearing's work is produced by Eileen and Wes Rehberg;

   Wes is doing the filming at the moment ...

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