Peace Garden: Gift for a Salinas, KS, neighborhood

Peace Garden in Salina, KS

Ted Zerger of Salina, KS, had a vision for building community in a neighborhood, so he bought three lots in a rougher section of the city and created a peace garden in 2001. With his wife Vera's support, the garden has become a place for food and flowers and occasional festivities. Its name, "Peace Garden," was chosen to offer the idea as well to the neighborhood, where children and adults alike take part in the sowing and reaping, the effort to build community.

Ted and Vera had offered me hospitality while in Salina for a Heartland Speaks peace rally there in opposition to a military "strafing and bombing" air show, where I and seven others were arrested. After I was released from jail, Ted took me over to the Peace Garden and offered a few stories as well.-- Wes Rehberg, Wild Clearing

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