Between the Ice Ages:

Early morning storm along the forest's edge ... runtime 2 minutes ...

Tone Poems and Found Objects  -- 
... experimental film sketches embracing life and fragility

  * Above, is a sketch of an early morning rain and threatening storm.

* Cherokee Forest Sketch ...  A five-minute video on an effort to preserve more of the Tennessee wilderness.
* Memorial to Memory ...  A nine-minute experimental video on memory, its abstraction, its reliability ...

* Rebuilt homes in challenged areas ... 
Grace Frank and Matt Hine rebuild homes in "challenged" areas of Chattanooga, TN.  An 8-minute video of a Halloween open house at one home ...

* Alpaca farm ...  Eileen, Marilyn, Neville and I visit friends Jill and David at their homestead and alpaca farm.

Peace Garden ...  A gift to a Salinas, KS, neighborhood by Ted Zerger, who, with his wife Vera, put me up during the Heartland Speaks peace rally opposing a military air show, where I and seven others were arrested.

Eternal ...  is an experimental response to the question: What does it mean to be eternal ... ?

* Temporary ... is a reflection on how temporary what we make and do is in a universe that is changing, a solar system that will vanish.
 * Faithful ... is a reflection on how faithfulness to the creative spirit within is the prime sensibility and responsibility in film and art.
Light April hike ... With Eileen and our rescued dogs Mercury and Jillie,  light-hearted a six-minute video of a late April hike through a trail in the Savage Gulf State Natural Area in south central Tennessee to Savage Falls. The area is a mixed mesophytic forest preserve.
   * Dogwoods and a storm ...  is a two minute sketch of dogwood trees blooming back of where we live, during and after a brief storm, with woodland sounds along a power-line right-of-way. 
   * Reflectlons... are two more sketches, one of dew, leaves, flowers, our two dogs, audible birds - 2 minutes; and the other a reflection on Jaques Rivette's "La Belle Noiseuse," the rain, creativity, and the potential for disaster, 4 minutes.   
   * "Three Tones"... 3 minutes 49 seconds, experimental sketches to discern possible visual and audio tone moods for "Between the Ice Ages."  
   * Hummingbirds ... is "Hummingbirds," fragile migrants on a fragile planet. We feel a deep need for a broader respect of this fragility.
                                       (VIdeos 2008 Wes Rehberg, Wild Clearing.)



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