Between the Ice Ages

Tone Poems and Found Objects  -- Page 2

   Below, as a brief light-hearted start, with Eileen and our rescued dogs Mercury and Jillie, is a six-minute video sketch of a late April hike we took through a trail in the Savage Gulf State Natural Area in south central Tennessee to Savage Falls. The area is a mixed mesophytic forest preserve. Eileen has also gotten out her sketchpad and easel, so graphic art is also forthcoming.

  Below also is a two minute sketch of dogwood trees blooming back of where we live, during and somewhat after a brief storm, with indigenous woodland sounds along a power-line right-of-way.

   A low-bandwidth version of the hike video sketch is available at this web page.

A light hike through the Savage Gulf State Natural Area of Tennessee to Savage Falls - runtime 6 minutes

     Dogwood trees in southeast Tennessee duriing a brief storm and later that day, runtime 2 minutes



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