NL Contamination in Colonie, NY: 
Press conference, site videos

Rough clips from Dec. 5, 2007 press conference
and visit to NL Industries site

Documentary sketches were filmed by Wes Rehberg 
(c) 2007 Wild Clearing

Featured here is a 6-minute video sketch of a visit to the NL Industries site in Colonie, NY, with a Community Concerned about NL Industries organizer and a former resident found to be contaminated by depleted uranium The organizer is Tom Ellis and the former resident is Tony Ciarfello. 

If you can't play the video sketch below, a Google version is available at our DU blog (click) where you'll also be able to view a video of the 48-minute press conference outlining the findings. A higher-resolution version of the press conference is viewable on this web page.

SUMMARY: A biological study by Randall Parrish of the NERC Isotope Geosciences Laboratory in the UK and others has detected depleted uranium and in one case enriched uranium in former workers and those who lived and worked nearby the Colonie, NY, NL Industries plant, where depleted uranium munitions cores were produced decades ago. To read the "Science and the Environment" article on the research, click here.

The video sketches here will be edited as part of the documentary, yet under production,
 called "Contaminated Forever" 

To view other documentary preview clips, basically rough as well,
visit this web page ...

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