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Video clips of interviews on island's contamination

While in Vieques in September 2007, I spoke with Nilda Medina, Ismael Guadalupe, filmmaker Andres Nieves and Robert Rabin, founders and members of the Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques, on the impact from contamination from the U.S. Navy bombing practice on the Puerto Rican island. These interviews are part of a developing documentary on the impact of depleted uranium contamination on people and the environment.

Nilda speaks of the need for health services, Ismael offers insights into the resistance against the U.S. Navy presence for over 60 years and the contamination, Andres tells how he was personally affected, and Robert scopes out the history of the occupation and the extent of the contamination. These are roughly compiled video clips, basically unaltered. Below each photo is are links to video files of segments from each interview, each in the 10 minute range -- Wes Rehberg

Nilda Medina

Nilda Medina -- to view her Flash or Podcast interview clip, click here ...

Ismael Guadalupe Ortiz

Ismael Guadalupe, to view his Flash interview clip, click here ...

Andres Nieves

Andres Nieves, to view his Flash interview clip, click here ...

Robert Rabin

Robert Rabin, to view his Flash interview clip, click here ...

*Links to DU documentary rough video sketches*

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