A documentary by Wes Rehberg about a Chattanooga TN program 
that assists juveniles in trouble

   "A Second Chance for Young Offenders" is a 53-minute documentary that tells a story of an important program that helps juvenile offenders age 10-14 turn their lives around. The program is called Y-CAP - YMCA Community Action Program - and has assisted 1,400 kids in Chattanooga  TN since its inception in 1998. View the trailer below to see a brief recap of the program. 
   Filmed by Wes Rehberg, a Wild Clearing/ Rehberg Institute production.

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View the 3-minute trailer of "A Second Chance for Young Offenders"


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The documentary was filmed in wide-screen high-definition format and edited for widescreen DVD and video.

Produced and filmed by Wes Rehberg 2010 Rehberg Institute/ Wild Clearing; All rights reserved. 



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