Zen fishing is a way of looking at the world as a reflection of our senses, a re-presentation affected by one's gaze - that body of judgments and biases that influence the reflection.
This not to deny the raw reality of our experience or to say it's merely an illusion that we can dismiss in favor of a mystical or religious tradition. It's simply a way to explore the limits of what we perceive for what may lie beyond.
It is also to realize that we are co-creators in the world that unfolds, responsibly or irresponsibly, and that politically, human rights need to be ensured, especially the right to flourish, keeping in mind reflection, re-presentation, and gaze.
One way I zen fish is through the art of video, also mindful of reflection, re-presentation, and gaze, and the right to flourish, the transfiguration.
-- Wes Rehberg 2011

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